Maximizing Human Performance

Our client was a performance healthcare platform that integrates sports science, clinical application, and advanced analytics to deliver solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery. We partnered with them to design a comprehensive mobile, tablet, and desktop experience of their platform that accommodates a wide variety of users ranging from professional athletes to at-home patients undergoing physical therapy. The types of data they captured were diverse, ranging from simple trend graphs to measurements of program compliance reported on a weekly basis.


Dashboard Design

At the heart of the mobile application is a user dashboard that visualizes data captured through practitioner and user tests. The dashboard utilizes a series of panels representing individual tests, creating a fluid scrolling experience that allows users to quickly access all of their scores. 

An important consideration in our visual approach was how to use color in a way that was consistent and informative. Color plays a very important role in the dashboard as it ties into a standardized scoring system. Our approach was to bring in one highlight color that could be used in a neutral way (light blue), or for numbered metrics that weren’t using the same scoring scale.


Creating Clarity from Complexity

The biggest challenge was bringing clarity to a massive amount of complex data and information. Creating a very clear visual hierarchy was crucial to this process, being intentional about what the most important information was on any given view of the app. Ultimately, the goal was to create an experience that visualized their rich body of data in a compelling way, making the app as valuable as possible to its broad user base.